• Faro

    Many of the administrative services of the region pass through here, being the capital of Algarve, the city of Faro has been affirming itself as a urban centre, where we can find the international airport of Faro, responsible for the ease of access for all of Europe.
    Although it’s urban development, the beauty of this region is quite unique. The Ria Formosa surrounds the city offering to its visitors many beach areas with always still waters and always slightly warmer.


    The city of Faro can be found in the centre area of Algarve, at around 300km from Lisbon.


    • A22 or En125 and A2 from Lisbon
    • International airport of Faro
    • Faro Train station
    • Bus
    • Faro Marina

    Real Estate sector

    The real estate properties present in Faro follow urban guidelines, therefore it is possible to find a wide variety of apartments for all tastes and likes. There are still several properties that have kept their cultural legacy, however modern developments mark their presence. The airport and the municipal stadium are some of the examples that bring to the city a more modern feel.

    Enveloped by ria Formosa, Faro county is also the home of several unique developments that offer an unobstructed view with breathtaking sceneries. It is possible to find small homes throughout the county at a very reasonably price, as well as luxurious villas and magnificent developments.