• Monte Gordo


    Monte Gordo

    Monte Gordo once a small fishing community, Monte Gordo is now a much known touristic destination. It was here that the first hotels first settled in Algarve

    This wonderful beach offers many pedestrian sidewalks made in the traditional Portuguese cobblestone, and walking in its vast beach it is possible to find several refuges for those who seek privacy. 

    Monte Gordo is much appreciated by all range of people of all age groups, as the whole city has an atmosphere, relaxed, welcoming and social.

    Families of teenagers should consider Monte Gordo as it is very central with all kinds of thrills and theme parks for which the Algarve is famous. But Monte Gordo does not have a crazy nightlife, but it has a few bars open.
    Monte Gordo is indicated people who enjoy, beach, culture, and rest.

    Tourists find the Portuguese culture in Monte Gordo, being able to eat good sardines or drink an excellent red or white wine in its many restaurants.
    Simply it has a wonderful beach and a glorious climate if you come to rest you will find in Monte Gordo all the requirements for your holiday.

    Real  Estate Opportunities in Monte Gordo

    If you are looking to buy a house in Monte Gordo, for a living or for investment, know that there are excellent opportunities in an area of great tourist interest throughout Europe. Find the property of your choice. 

    Places to visit:

    • Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação
    • Museu Manuel Cabanas
    • Obelisco

    Location of Albufeira

    Monte Gordo is just before Vila Real de S. António at almost 60km from the capital, in the direction of Spain..


        • Bus
        • A22 or En125
        •  Train 

        • Aeroport at 55 km