• Portimão

    To the north the Monchique mountain range and to the south the Atlantic Ocean, Portimão is an important reference in Algarve. In its Port we can find several cruise ships that turn Portimão in a touristic centre. Thanks to the diverse cultural and sporting events, Portimão is a dynamic city throughout the year, something quite uncommon in the seasonal Algarve.


    Portimão can be found in the Western area of Algarve at around 65km from Faro.


    • A22 or En125
    • Municipal Portimão Airstrip and at 65 km from the Internacional Airport of Faro
    • Train Station
    • Bus
    • Portimão Marina

    Real estate sector

    The urban development in this city was carved by the tourist industry, which confined the city to a wide variety of villas, homes and apartments for holidays. However its growing population and the several public services, has boosted the construction of several apartments for a more permanent living.

    It is still possible to find the typical houses in different areas of the city, but the city skyline is definitely marked by the presence of high buildings, home to privileged apartments with breathtaking views.

    Portimão doesn’t just offer apartments, surrounded by the hillsides of Monchique mountain range, there are several rustic homes, farms and villas, that possess incredible landscapes and are benefited by the ease of access and services that Portimão provides.