• Why buy in Algarve

    If you intend to move to Portugal or if you already live in Portugal, one of the best and most luxurious and visited regions, and suitable for real estate investment is the Algarve. Get to know why you purchase real estate in the Algarve, watching the Video and reading the informational text that we present below. 

    The Algarve in recent years has lived through the seasonality of the tourism sector, but now with the new initiatives and incentives from the Portuguese Government, the Algarve has become a region increasingly sought after by retirees, pensioners and even families in the Algarve the "Promised Land" for investors around the world. 

    The Algarve is the "Promised Land" with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, and a tax haven, common standard of living for the cheapest in Europe, where crime is almost non-existent, being the 3rd safest country in the world and public and private medical care are equally accessible. 

    The truth is that a set of natural conditions (climate, natural beauty) are combined in the Algarve, combined with the creation of the Portuguese Government through various Support and Incentive Programs, allowing great business opportunities, as well as very comprehensive tax benefits for various cases of people conditions.

    The cost of living is substantially lower when compared to France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy or Germany, particularly in real estate.

    Close to everything, with infrastructures such as motorways and Faro airport, the Algarve is almost like being in the Country of origin but with home about 2 hours by plane in the case of Europeans.

    And of course, who does not like sun, beach and fun? The Algarve has one of the best temperatures in all of Europe during the winter ... if you do not know, enjoy and visit us.

    Get to know the incentives for real estate investment and tax benefits that give a new dynamism to the real estate sector by itself being a great opportunity for Portuguese and foreigners, of high profitability in real estate deals throughout the country, but especially the Algarve, know more in the official websites:


    Golden Visa;


    IHRU funding programs

    Rehabilitation Program

    Rehabilitate for lease program

    Fiscal Regime for the Non-Resident Resident