• Algarve, Paradise in southern Portugal

    The Algarve

    The Algarve is the south’s region of Portugal, famous for each gorgeous beaches and amazing touristic developments. The several Golf Courses are also one of the main sporting attractions, which have been awarded with several international prices. This is the most important touristic region of Portugal and a landmark reference for Europe. Algarve has been inhabited by several different cultures throughout history, each gave the region a rich architecture, gastronomic and cultural legacy along with monuments and unique properties. 

    With a temperate climate, the Algarve possesses a short winter with average temperatures that range between 10º and 18º, and a long summer with an average temperature of 18º to 30º. From mountain ranges to beaches, this region has a bit of everything. With its paradisiacal ocean on the beaches facing south, you can expect a water temperature above 20º. 


    The 16 regions that make Algarve, have a wide variety of fauna and flora amongst other touristic interests, such as its beaches.

    Serra do Caldeirão is a mountain range that emerges from the vast Alentejo’s plans, welcoming visitors that arrive from the north of the country. On the other mountain range called Serra do Monchique, we can find the highest point of Algarve called Pico da Foia with 902 metres of altitude. On the Western end expect to find gorgeous sharp cliffs torn by the turbulent Atlantic Ocean. The southern side has over 200km of a calm, warm and very inviting shore with various small paradisiacal beaches hidden amongst the cliffs.

    Arriving at Loulé municipal area until the very eastern end of Vila real de Santo António, we are greeted by Ria Formosa, elected natural Park in 1978, this Ria is formed by two long sand dunes that form two peninsulas, the Peninsula do Ancão and the Peninsula de Cacela.

    Throughout the years, Algarve has been an international touristic destination turning the region into a multicultural centre, which now possesses a wide population from across the globe, it’s one of the richest regions of Portugal.

    Real estate in Algarve

    The typical houses from Algarve mark most of its scenery. Theses houses are unique to the country and have a strong Arabic influence, however, it is possible to find real estate for all tastes, from small urban apartments to fabulous penthouses with ocean view, from rustic town homes to luxurious villas. Whether you like mountains or beaches, you will be able to find on our website your dream home. 

    The real estate in Algarve has been gifted with a constant growth that is reflected in the diverse offer found here. The central area of Algarve is where most of the investment has been made, especially in the shoreline, mainly due to ease of access provided by Faro’s International Airport. Between Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago and their surrounding areas, expect to find the most privileged villas, but even in this areas, it's possible to find a wide range of houses with a wide range of prices. 

    On the Algarve eastern area, we find wider areas and several small islands with unobstructed beaches. In this region, it is possible to contemplate the traditional towns and villages were several developments emerge with an amazing relation of price and quality. 

    Still to mention is the western region of Algarve, were impressive cliffs take the landscape and create the perfect backdrop for villas and homes. In this region, the temperature is slightly cooler and great for those who enjoy nature.