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    Armação de Pera

    Armação de Pêra, like other urban centers on the Algarve coast, Armação de Pêra developed from a small fishing community. The first known written mention comes from 1577 in the work back Corografia do Reino do Algarve of S. João São José, which describes the village of Pera as follows:

    "Pera is a place near Alcantarilha, not far from the sea. The sea stands in front of the beautiful beach of the southern strip, where there is a tuna setting called Pera." (S. JOSÉ, 1983, 58) ,

    As early as 1577 there would be a small fishing community, which was repaired seasonally or permanently in this area.

    In 1667, for demographic reasons, economic or both was a small fortress, built in, with its military occupation, the human presence strengthened in Armacao de Pera.

    In 1755 there was a tsunami and a pear push, but a single house stopped (LOPES 1989 [2nd ed.\], Page 290). The fisherman in Portugal, Constantino Botelho de Lacerda Lobo in his memory of the state of Algarve fishing in 1790, wrote about Pera de Santo António (a term he calls Armacao de Pera at the time).

    In 1790, there was 150 fishermen working on the framework of tuna at the appropriate time of this fishing, there were eight vessels they were used for fishing along the coast where each had 8 or 10 fishermen, and the others usually live on The country to pull the plane.

    Between 1790 and 1841, Armação de Pêra went from a group of huts to a village of masonry houses, which could indicate an increase in the economic power of its inhabitants and a consequent increase in the quality of life. Even in these 50 years he stopped the tuna in 1577, 1621 and 1790.

    In 1841 Armação de Pêra was already presented as a bathing destination "because many people take baths from the sea".

    Baldaque da Silva: "In addition to the people mentioned in the previous edition, there are a number, not a small number of men and women and minors who contribute to the development of the arts, fisheries management and the country, 1891, p.152) These figures indicate that the armament of the fishing community was strengthened during the eighth demographic and reached an industrial slope with the fish canning factory.

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    Real Estate sector in Armação de Pêra

    Armação de Pêra appears in the county of Silves, rich in historical heritage and of the utmost importance for the contextualization of social life in this village.

    The earliest origins of this settlement date back to the Arab period, but most historians are often historical references to this settlement and its Roman heritage.

    "The lack of documentation and historical evidence, however, did not lead to a sufficient study of the history of Armação de Pêra," as the bill that approved the ascension of Armação de Pêra approved Pêra to the village category.

    Despite the absence of documents that prove their origins, the historians are unanimous in a point which seems fundamental to us: the connection between this regulation and the sea.

    This link allows us to link a village confused with the sea, with the features belonging to its fishing, which are replaced by the Alcantarilha and the neighboring Pêra, whose wealth was reduced to agriculture.

    In 1571, the fortress is dedicated to the defense of the fortress of Santo António da Pedra da Galé, known as the fortress of Armação de Pêra. It is believed that this fortification was built under the ruins of a luso-Roman military center destined to defend Foz da Ribeira de Alcantarilha. It is also assumed that the construction of this fortress has helped to promote fishing, with a significant increase in fishing activity and agricultural activity, especially in the case of nuts.

    Around 1720 a hermitage was built in the fortress in the invocation to the patron saint of the fortress. This chapel has survived to this day and is today known as the Chapel of Our Lady of the Concerned.

    With the appearance of tourism in the Algarve, Armação de Pêra enjoys a considerable development and is considered one of the best seaside resorts in the Algarve.

    In this village is built one of the first modern casinos of the time.

    With the influx of tourism, Armação de Pêra began not only from the upper class, but also from medieval and medieval people.

    Today, the city of Armação de Pêra has a population of about 7000 inhabitants. But in mid-August it reached a population of about 80,000 inhabitants due to the large influx of holidaymakers.

    Armação de Pêra remains a village overlooking the sea. The main economic activity has now become tourism, the main source of income, not only the village but also the municipality of Silves.

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    Armação de Pêra belongs to the Silves County, and it’s located in the center of the Algarve, between Albufeira and Carvoeiro.


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      • Airport at around 50km
      • Train Stations in Poço barreto a 10km
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