• Vila Real Santo António

    Located in the banks of the Guadiana river, we find Vila Real de Santo António. It is the final destination before arriving Spain, since it is located in the extreme eastern side of Algarve. Built from the ground up in 1774, this city was target of a very evident urban planning, noticeable to everyone who walks its streets.
    Quite visible is its long sidewalk that accompanies the city to the river, a perfect place to enjoy the extensive shore line.
    Once a fishing community on national reference, now is has become very desirable touristic destination. Because of the distance to the other main touristic centres and its long beaches, it’s easy to find tranquillity, even on the high summer season.


    Vila Real de Santo António is located in the extreme eastern end of Algarve at 60 km from Faro.


    • En125, or A22 until the N122
    • At 65 km the Internacional Airport of Faro
    • Vila Real de Santo António Train station
    • Bus
    • Vila Real de Santo António Marina