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  • Balaia Golf Village
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    Balaia Golf Village
  • Development description

    The Balaia Golf Village is a Resort very complete for lovers of Golf, or for those who seek a Properties for sale in the Algarve which offer all the necessary facilities to enjoy a great quality of life.

    Equipped with several swimming pools, among them many heated, Health Club, indoor pool, Golf courses, Reception service, restaurant, playground, all this involved in a fabulous garden very well care, the scanty minutes of some of the best beaches of Albufeira.

    It is possible to find in this Resort, several apartments for sale as well as a few houses, with various typologies.

    No doubt that this may be the place that has always sought to be able to enjoy the best the Algarve has to offer.

    Contact us to know all the information about this fantastic Resort.
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  • District: Faro
  • County: Albufeira
  • Parish: Albufeira e Olhos de Água
  • Zone: Balaia (Albufeira)
  • Address: - - -
  • Start of construction: - - -
  • End of construction: - - -
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