• Visa Gold - residence in Portugal

    New laws approved by the Portuguese Government opens the possibility for citizens of countries outside the EU, apply to a residence visa.
    This new residence visa intends to attract new investment in Portugal by purchasing real estate property for a minimum period of 5 years.

    The owners of this residence visa for investors, have the right to family reunification and gain access to a permanent residence visa, as well as Portuguese citizenship as foreseen in the current legal provisions.
    The investor must make a purchase of one or more properties with a value of 500,000€ (five hundred thousand euros) or higher. Can also choose to buy in in terms of co-aquisition provided that each of the partners invest a sum greater than 500,000€ (five hundred thousand euros).

    The application for the purchase of a property can also be demonstrated with a promissory contract through a deposit in excess of € 500,000 (five hundred thousand euros), and registered at the Government Office real estate. This means that the green card for investing can be applied with a promise contract signed by both parties and registered at the Government Office, to offer greater safety to the buyer assuring that this will receive his/her residence visa gold.

    The promissory contract must be registered in the land registry and before they can renew the residence visa, the title of deed of sale must be presented.

    They also need a statement issued by a financial institution to verify the transfer of capital to the deposit payment on the contract of pledge in the amount of € 500,000 (five hundred thousand euros) or higher.
    The purchased property may be leased subsequently, mortgaged or used for commercial purposes, or for agricultural tourism.

    Application to the Golden Visa

    1. To apply to residence visa, the following documents must be presented to the foreigners and borders service (SEF):

    - Proof of possession of a risk-free real estate, with an updated certificate issued by the land registry or a registered certificate of the promissory contract.
    - To prove that complied with the tax liabilities, the requester shall provide a declaration attesting to the absence of debts for finance and Social Security.
    - The investor must remain in Portugal for a period of at least 7 days in the first year and 14 days in each of the following 2 years.
    - The requester should not have criminal records with crimes involving a term of imprisonment exceeding one year.
    - The stakeholders should not have been banned from entering national territory after they have received the order to leave the country.
    - The stakeholders should not be targets of alerts in the Schengen information system (SIS)
    - The stakeholders should not be targets of alerts in the Schengen information system (SIS) issued for the purpose of refusing entry

    2. Family Reunification

    Owners of a Golden visa may request a family reunification in accordance with the parameters laid down by law
    The process of family reunification will take 3 months.

    The process of family reunification is permitted to the following members:
    - Spouse
    - Children (-18 years)
    - Adult children who are unmarried and study in a Portuguese school.

    Other situations are also possible but prior verification will be required on the part of the Portuguese authorities and the Portuguese law.

    It will also be necessary for the requester to prove to the Portuguese authorities that has:
    - A place for the family to live
    - Proof of income in excess of ��� 6,000 per year per adult (+18 years)
    - Proof of income exceeding € 3,000 per year for each child under (-18 years)

    Other requirements provided by law:


    - Passport or other document valid for travel internationally.
    - Proof of legal entry and stay in the national territory
    - Proof of health insurance
    - Signed form allowing verification of criminal record in Portugal by SEF
    - Certificate of Criminal record of the relevant authorities in the country of origin of the requester or the countries where the petitioner resided during more than one year
    - Declaration of investment activity for a minimum period of 5 years, attested by a bearer of good faith and signed by the requester.

    Renewal of permanent residence visa.

    To renew the permanent residency visa the submitters must stay a minimum of:
    - Just 7 days in the first year and not 30
    - Only 14 days and not 60 during the two subsequent years

    The green card is valid for 5 years but renews it during this period:
    -The first renewal must be made after the first year and is renewed for two years.
    - When the first refurbishment finished it is possible to carry out a new renewal for two years.

    This text is merely informative and does not constitute nor dispenses with the consultation of a legal professional for joining the Golden Residence visa in Portugal.