• Albufeira



    Initially settled in a small valley that confronts the ocean, Albufeira now reaches out throughout its hillsides becoming a small but modern urban center, keeping its roots visible to who visits the downtown area.

    This region, inhabited by man for over 4.000 years, has been the stage of several conquests and disputes amongst the several people that resided here. Its name, however, has Arabic descendency, as they ruled this region for 5 centuries until it became part of Portugal’s national territory.

    We arrive to the XX century, and it’s from the 1960’s that Albufeira became an international tourist destination. In 1986 it was elected city, and since then its growth is obvious.

    You can expect to find several touristic developments, restaurants, pubs, and supermarkets. It’s the stage of many cultural activities that occur along the year. Albufeira is where you can find REDE REAL - Real Estate if you decide to visit us or to know in full detail the range of real estate properties we have available in all the Algarve.

    With 30km of the sea shore, Albufeira owns some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is the region with more beaches awarded with the blue flag, a distinction only available to beaches that follow strict criteria such as cleanliness, accessibility and water quality. The diversity and beauty of Albufeira turn this into a unique region.

    Real Estate sector in Albufeira

    This beautiful city has been the target of a big urban development. With the arrival of international tourists, the hotel industry has developed a lot, something quite visible to who visits the city. It is possible to find several apartments and villas in private condominiums, dedicated exclusively to tourism. This sector of activity is responsible for many jobs, which also boosts the search for permanent properties.

    With the appearance of public services, allied with a growing population, Albufeira has become the home of several families that have found here a place to live. The offer of family friendly apartments is ever more comum, the same for villas and townhomes.

    Use this opportunity to analyze our diversified offer of properties in this city, which contemplates several properties such as, luxury villas, small villas, apartments with a seaside view, and even small apartments. Albufeira is, in fact, a destination that possesses a bit of everything for everyone.

    Location of Albufeira

    With easy access, we can find Albufeira in the center of Algarve, by the sea, 50 km from Faro and 300km from Lisbon


      • Via do Infante or En125 e A2 to Lisbon
      • Airport at around 45km
      • Train station of Albufeira 
      • Bus 
      • Marina of Albufeira