• Sagres


    At the western end of the Algarve we find Sagres. This region was very important for the History of Portugal, especially in the Age of Portuguese Discovery. Its imposing Cabo de Sagres served as a refuge for boats that sailed across the Atlantic and still today surprises those who pass by here with its cliffs that break the brave ocean on the west side and embrace the tranquil sea that becomes common all along the coast to the south .

    Sagres, with stunning coastal landscapes and situated at the most southwestern point of Europe.

    Well located in the natural park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina. In Portugal, in the Algarve Region, it is in Sagres that we find the largest migratory corridor of raptors in the country.

    It is in Vila do Bispo, on the peninsula of Sagres that every year thousands of birds leave in their autumn migration.

    In the months of August to November, thousands of migratory birds of diverse species such as birds of prey and seabirds can be observed.

    Sagres is thus the meeting point for birdwatchers and lovers of nature tourism.

    Visit Sagres and enjoy the Bird Watching Festival, held annually in the first week of October.